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Here’s some free stuff that I wanted to give to you just because…

These are terrific tools you can totally use in your business today:

1)Best Marketing Tips Ever Video- I was interviewed by Shalini Vadhera , who's an incredibly successful business women, jewelry and fashion entrepreneur, a celebrity make-up artist, best-selling author of Passport To Beauty, a favorite guest of Dr. Oz, The Today Show, and The View, and the founder of a $21-million dollar global cosmetics company. We talked about some key marketing tips that can help you be more successful. 

2)The 13 Secrets to Maximize Your Conference Experience - Next time you sign up for a conference or workshop, this is a must have list of things that will help you get the most out of your experience. I created this list many years ago, when I realized I was going to a few conferences and wanted to make the most out of my attendance.  Download this pdf for some great insightful secrets to get the most out of your next conference.

3)The 7 Proven Secrets to an Incredibly Successful AdEver wondered what goes into the best money making ads in magazines, direct mails and sales letters?  Well I've synthesized everything you need to know right here in this pdf. It contains all the information and ideas that I've paid thousands of dollars for.  So take this proven information and use it in your business.. Download this pdf to get the best ad secrets that lots of money can  buy, I'm giving this to you for FREE!

4) Make Money Now Strategies from Dan Kennedy-  Check out these terrific making money strategies now. You can't miss with using these in your business!

5) Never Guess Again What Your Clients Want or Need Again- This is a must have infographic that will help you take the guess work out of your business.  It's a step by step that shows you exactly how to create and use a survey in your business. This is a proven technique that will help you be more profitable in your business.  Use surveys to find out what products to create next, how they like your website, newsletter, get better testimonials and so much more!