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Here are the Gifts/Bonuses I Promised. Simply click on the link to download or open and save the doc.

Congrats! Your Bonuses:

​​Testimonial Template Doc (Value $129) - This is a Word doc that you can take and use right now in your business to get excellent testimonials. (Remember, don't call them that!)

Optin Page Mind Map(Value $97) - This is your mind map of what you need in order  create your first Irresistible Offer or Lead Magnet for your website.

Proven eGuide  (Value $39) - 11 Proven Survey Action Plan Techniques That Will Unlock The Secrets to More Profits in Your Business Now!  It will help you use surveys in your business to get all the questions answered to create money-making products and services for your tribe.

Guru Mindmap How to Formula PDF(Value $197) - This is a mind map that gives you all you need to do to create yourself as THE guru in your market place.